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Help for displaying math with MathML

As from March 1st 2007, all records of articles online in CEDRAM exist in two formats, which are only different by the way they display mathematical formulae in titles, abstracts, keywords or references, : MathML or TeX.

XHTML+MathML display is the one which seems the best for reading and browsing thanks to the significant progress in recent browsers based on the Gecko engine, once they are properly configured.

The HTML+TeX version is proposed for compatibility for users who do not yet have an environment capable of displaying MathML: we encourage them to update their browser ! (With MathML formulae are totally integrated in the text. Therefore they adapt themselves to local preferences : font, size, zoom, contrast, etc.)

As far as we know, there is no browser really ready for MathML with no additional installation:

  • Internet explorer for windows Download the MathPlayer plugin from this link. We deliver MathML to IE if the MathPlayer 2 plugin is installed.

  • Gecko browsers (Camino, Firefox, Mozilla, Netscape, SeaMonkey, etc.) Verify that you have a recent version or your browser. (MathML is delivered by default to Firefox from version 1.0 onwards), then follow the simple instructions given on the Mozilla’s page.

    • For Windows, an installation program is provided by the MIT.
    • For MacOS, you just need to install the ad hoc fonts.
    • For Linux, beware of certain distributions including versions of Firefox which do not support TrueType fonts or, worse, with MathML disactivated (this is the case for example with Mandriva) : in this case you must first install a functional version of Firefox, the simplest is to get the binary version from, then install the fonts provided (it is not absolutely necessary to have the Mathematica fonts, whose copyright does not allow redistribution, which makes installation a bit longer). Ideally, the installations should be done by a systems administrator once and for all, but if the administrator has other jobs to do, and if you have enough disk space, normally you just need to copy the TrueType fonts into the ~/.fonts directory for them to be found the next time you start your browser.

For all other configurations, by default we deliver formulae in TeX: but you can switch from one display to another by clicking on the menu item "Display formulae en TeX|MathML". If you allow it, your choice is kept in a persistant cookie, and you will get it again when you come back to the server.

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