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General conditions

General conditions of use of the service

Use of CEDRAM implies certain rules of good behaviour which are listed below.

Access to the database containing the bibliographical references of all the articles of all participating journals is totally free via the "search" and "browse" functions. The database itself is the property of Cellule Mathdoc, and contains elements covered by copyright.

However metadata are available under licence CC0. Numdam’s metadata are thus dedicated to the public domain. Cedram’s OAI-PMH server can be used for systematic download of metadata in various schemas.

On the other hand, the files of the complete texts are the property of the journals. It is thus necessary to refer to the policy of each of them. It is forbidden to print out and massively diffuse the contents of the archive. Any copy, printout or distribution of a significant part of CEDRAM website is a counterfiet punished by law. It is forbidden that the robots download a part or the whole site.

It is forbidden to modify any content available on the CEDRAM site. In particular, the copyright mentions must not be dissociated from the data they cover, whether it be during copying, transmission or printing of these data, unless expressly stated.

Every article in CEDRAM has a 2 stable URLs (uniform resource locator) in the form :


where "sitename" is the acronym of a journal: afst, aif, ambp, jtnb, jedp...


which is printed on the first page of the provided full text files, and refers to the complete reference of the article. Cellule Mathdoc encourages users who wish to refer to an article in CEDRAM to use this URL. The physical or logical address of the files themselves being subject to modification with no warning.

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