Center for diffusion of academic mathematical journals


Tips on searching

All CEDRAM sites offer two possibilities for searching :

- Quick search ;
- Advanced search.

Quick search:

Searches in all fields except full text.

Advanced search :

Searching in CEDRAM can be done on the following fields :

Field Name Characteristics
Author(s) Separate authors with ";".
Example : Deligne ; Mumford
Title words "AND" is implicit. Each word is considered as an individual term.
Years Search for a year or interval of years
Fulltext Search by expression, and use quotes or double quotes.
Example : "differential geometry".

Search by words and dont use quotes or double quotes.
Example : analyse geometry.

References/anywhere Any word (or expression) in bibliographic references can be searched.


- Wildcard search : asterisk.
- The accents are ignored.
- The modification of the search is possible in using the first criteria used.
- The results can be sorted by author names and by year (most recent to most ancient).

Refine the results

Searching can be refined using words or expressions occurring in the bibliographies.

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