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Links towards CEDRAM

Each article in CEDRAM is available via a stable URL. This URL is a compact address, destined to remain valid in the long term. It is displayed :

- in the "full entry" of the article
- on the first page of PDF files
- in the OAI-PMH server

Link to the full entry :
the principle is:


Where sitename can be afst, aif, ambp jtnb or jedp.

For instance, for the article by Jean-Pierre Serre called Géométrie algébrique et géométrie analytique, the link to use is

=> We advise you to use this stable URL rather than the one displayed in your browser.

NB It is possible to replace "sitename" by, thus

Link to the fulltext of the article :

It is unadvisable to link directly to the fulltext of an article (PDF files) because all the metadata concerning the article (references, abstract,...) will not be displayed.

As well as articles, there are two objects in CEDRAM servers which also have stable URLs for diret linking :

- all volumes of a journal :
- table of contents of one volume :

Example :

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